Founded in 1992, the company César Neves is dedicated to the exclusive production of high quality natural cork stoppers.
In our production, we use selected cork of the best quality and provenance.
We have facilities and equipment modern and suitable for this production.
We have at our disposal a team of professionals, motivated and in permanent technical training. The combination of these elements allows César Neves to be recognized as a reference producer and exporter at national and worldwide level.
Professionalism, Simplicity, Efficiency, Quality and Cooperation with each of the clients, is the firm’s position in the world of cork.


Zona Industrial de Rio Meão, Rua 1 – N.º 59/75, 4520-475 Rio Meão

Apartado 23 (P.O. BOX 23) 4536-906 PAÇOS DE BRANDÁO

(+351) 256 780 320

(+351) 256 780 329


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